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HetteshWorld, LLC is a company run by Bob and Barb Hettesheimer.  The purpose of this company is to provide entertainment value only.  Under this company, we are running a TV Show ("HetteshWorld") on Youtube and various other social media platforms.  The purpose of this show is to share our fulltime rv living experiences.  After 5 years of planning, we retired Fall 2020, and embarked on this dream of ours fulltime and our plans are to travel the US for approximately 10 years. 

Bob and Barb

We met in 1987 and were married in 1988.  We are extemely blessed to have found each other.  We are soulmates.  We are the same and yet very different.  We each bring different things to the table which enhances our marriage and our lives.  In Fall 2020, we retired from everything.  Living in a Stix and Stone house for 30 years that we built and loved, we sold it; raised successfully 2 beautiful girls who are now out making their own dreams come true; devoted a good portion of our life working for Corporate America and were fortunate enough to work in fields that we loved over the years.  We never wanted for anything but we always were savers in our 401(k).  Now its our time.......we sold everything and we are moving on to our dream!

Meet Blue Angel, Spydee Blue and Billie Jean

Our first step (after years of reseach) was to buy the items that would make us happy.  We purchased a 44' 2021 Forest River Riverstone 39FKTH RV (Blue Angel), a 2019 CanAm Spyder RT Limited Motorcycle (Spydee Blue) and to pull it all a 2020 Ford F350 Truck (Billie Jean).  We found a home big enough for us to live in the way we want to live but small enough to carry it around.  It also carries our Spydee Blue in the back garage.  The truck does the work and provides comfort but Spydee Blue will take us on adventures deep into terrain that our Camper can't go to.  

Meet the Family‚Äč

Rachel & Rebecca


Rachel and Mike

Daughter and Son-in-Law




World's Greatest Granddaughter

We were supper blessed to have Rachel and Rebecca come into our lives.  They are beautiful, smart, strong and sassy women.  Rachel convinced Mike to join the family and he is like the son we never had.  He has brought so much joy into our lifes. 

Then Mike and Rachel gave us a true gift in the form of a granddaughter names Ariel.  Yes she is beautiful, smart, strong and of course sassy.  We love all of them with all of our hearts and even though we are traveling we will always be a family and see them often.  

The Future

After we picked up all of the vehicles, we have been customizing them to make them our own.  This process is almost complete.  Our YouTube Show will take you on our journey across America.  Where we are staying, hiking, canning, fresh foods, cooking, oceans, mountains, biking, motorcycling, repairs, tips/tricks, etc. You name it we are out to find it and explore it and share it with you!