About Us

Living life by your rules is like being a kid again and not knowing how to do anything, but man is it worth it!
We travel with our Cat Amelia. She oversees our video’s quality control.
Come Travel in Our World of fulltime Rving, Can-Am rides, adventures, hiking, exploring, healthy cooking and just living in the great old USA.
The videos we produce are meant to make you think about what’s really important and to have fun while doing it.

we hope you come travel in our world

Meet Our Family

We were super blessed to have Rachel and Rebecca come into our lives.  They are beautiful, smart, strong and sassy women.  Rachel convinced Mike to join the family and he is like the son we never had.  He has brought so much joy into our lifes. Then Mike and Rachel gave us a true gift in the form of a granddaughter named Ariel.  Yes she is beautiful, smart, strong and of course sassy.  We love all of them with all of our hearts and even though we are traveling we will always be a family and see them often.  


Rachel & Rebecca

Our Daughters

Racheal and son-in-law hetteshworld.com

Rachel & Mike

Daughter and Son-in-Law




Worlds Greatest Granddaughter


Meet our cat and Production Manager!