Harvest Host

Harvest Host

RVing Outside of the Box – You Can with Harvest Host

We joined Harvest Host in 2020 and have not regretted one moment of it.  

How Does It Work?

To join (click here to save 15% off) it is a yearly fee of $99 (this is before the 15% off discount we are giving you below). Once you are a member you have access at $0 charge to approximately 2138+ locations across the USA!  That is incredible for RVers. 

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So, what is the catch?

It is not required but recommended that you shop at the location you are staying. Example, winery maybe dinner or a bottle of wine.  

When we stayed at the St. Joseph Center of Arkansas it was a farm and we purchased fresh vegetables and beef. When we stayed at the RV Museum in Elkhart we chose to go through (and of course video) the museum.  There is no set amount you must spend.  It just depends on your current needs. 

We know that camping can be expensive. Even when you belong to RV clubs, locations may not be ever where you are or if you are just traveling thru the states to get to a certain destination and need and overnight, Harvest Host is the safest choice for us.  Most host can accommodate tents to large Fifth Wheels and Motorhomes.

The Facts

This is an overnight stay.  Once you are a member, you will have access to all the locations and can choose your destination by area or by type of stop you want (ex: wine, golf, museum, brewery, farm, animals, etc.)  Some reservations can be made right on the site.  Some have you email them, and they get back with you.  Always follow the directions of the host for getting there.  They know it better than anyone and this makes sure your big rig gets there safely.  


When we are traveling and not staying in a Harvest Host, we still take advantage of all the Harvest Host locations around us.  Currently we are in Wisconsin CHEESE COUNTRY.  There are numerous Harvest Host around us so by being a member I have access to this information, and it saves me valuable research time.

For HetteshWorld it is a must have! I hope you have found this informative.  Please share with other RVers and comment below.  Love to hear how you save on the road!

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