HetteshWorld Products

We are re-purposers. Our goal is to find once loved items and bring them to life again!


We search for items and find a way to bring them back to life as unique gifts. All items are assembled by HetteshWorld. We are a husband an wife team that work on these projects together.  


HetteshWorld lamps are 100% handmade.  It starts with a unique base and a gently washed aluminum bottle.  Most lamps are partially filled with concrete and have a rod running through the bottle for the wiring.  The wiring is either new or re-purposed.  All re-purposed wiring is checked for safety and the lamps are weighted for stability. Lamp shades are either new or re-purposed. Our finished lamps vary in height. 


HetteshWorld candles are 100% handmade. It starts with a unique vessel. We use 100% pure soy (no mixes or blends) and infuse these candles with natural essential oils.  Only cotton wicks are used.  Our finished candles vary in size and height. The height measurement listed for each candle only reflects the vessel that holds the candle.