Setup and Shutdown Checklist

Setup and Shutdown Checklist

Travel Day RV Checklist

We get asked a lot about how difficult it is to pack up your home each time we move to a new destination. Remember we move (most of time) every 2-3 weeks.  The short answer is………. not too difficult. It does take a lot of concentration, but we would never attempt it without our Checklist!  

The downloadable document above contains the following checklist:

  • 2 Days Prior to Leaving
  • 1 Day Prior to Leaving
  • Morning of Departure
  • Camp Setup

Most Important

When you are setting up or shutting down you must be in the zone. I cannot impress enough the importance of this.   

When packing up or unpacking you need to focus on your task at hand.  Sometimes people want to chat with you and that can make you miss a step.  Do not get me wrong, I am all about chatting but when it comes to my home they need to back off.  Also, if you have a way to get into your spot that works for you then follow it.  Do not be swayed by people passing by or the know it all’s that try to take over.  Remember this is your home and your life and you have this!

We have been caught off guard as we started our full time living with people wanting to replace me and back Bob in.  I am like heck no – back away.  Also, in packing up people who we met and really like and will miss just do not want us to leave so they keep on talking.  Polite but firm is the way to handle these situations. 

This checklist is just a suggestion of items for you to think about.  Go through it with what you need to do on your rig and make this checklist your checklist.  

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